23. června 2010 v 20:55 | Tess |  Daily news
My hair is growing so fast, I have to get a new colour. Black, of course. I used to have crazy red, blonde blended hair... and so many strange colours. But trough the years I learned that black is the best. Yes, sometimes I´m thiking about blonde... I´m fidging with this idea from time to time... and maybe sometimes I´ll do it... who know, but now I´m so satisfied with my hair colour.

Today I wanted to get up early and tidy up our flat. Great plan, but in fact I woke up about 10 a. m., so I only ironed lot of clothes. Evening was just fantastic, I really enjoyed swimming and coffee/ wine at one beautiful garden restaurant in Old Town of Prague. The Sun was shining... such a great time!

Last summer photo, enjoying London with my friends. Fantastic!


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