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I´m  writing after a long long time. The reason is simple. Still i have not my dear notebook but there is also a good thing about it, I´ll pay nothing probably... hope.

My life is changing in few ways. There is nearly one month of my holiday left and I feel like I do nothing special. But! But I´m not at home at all. I spent all my time with my friends or arranging many important things. Don´t ask me about these things but generally I don´t know what it is but sure, it must be important!

I decided to be a big girl and get a driving licence. But it´s too long way for me. Today I had the first lesson and I´m so scared. I´v never been trying to drive a car! So it´s a damn hard for me!

Also, I was shopping a little bit. I bought very cute snake crossbody bag and a little clutch for my mobile phone. I was looking for some similiar case for my phone for months but I didn´t like any. So this one is perfect. Oh and I forgot! While waiting for my bus to school I finally get new purse. No photos, sorry. There is so bad internet to upload photos but you will se it early, promise. Together with photos from latest events and pictures of my homemade fashion.

I have made cute floral pink dress and a tank top with the same design. Now I´m going to sew a long coral skirt. But I have no time.

The next big new is... that... I´m a student of the University. Regular. So happy and looking forward to my next school years.

Sorry but I´m so lazy to write the same post in czech... today it was so hard and long day for me... it started with my driving lesson, then I had to go to the post-office, claim my new chanel lipsticks... then i had an appointment with my friends to buy some presents... and the evening is here! I´m absolutely tired now.

Tomorrow I´m going to do some sport a lil bit. My plan is something about swimming and riding a bike... oh.. and I have to buy roller-skates!

So, I´m falling asleep right now so I´m going to my bed in a while.

Good night babes, See you soon.


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